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To satisfy our clients’ needs by providing effective advisory, import and export, and Tax
compliance solutions through long-term partnership based on integrity and ethical
business practices.

What we offer

You have a need, we have the SOLUTION


We offer all-in-one logistics services countrywide.

Road Freight

Send or receive all your goods to any location with the guarantee.

Customs clearing

We help to clear your package in the fastest way possible

SEA Freight

We are a team of professionals with 15 years of experience in maritime shipments.


We have the capacity to resolve your tax assessments attend to post-audit clearance and tax investigations, and appeals.

Air Freight

Guaranteed clearance within 48 hours regardless of the size.


Experienced to represent clients to the government on immigrations matters.

We Provide full range global logistics solution

Leverage agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis for strategy foster collaborative thinking to further the overall value proposition.

Organically grow the holistic world view off disruptive innovation via workplace diversity and empowerment.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we do offer transportation and logistics services within Zambia.

The process of registration of imports and exports before goods reach the border.

You can avoid demurrage costs by sending import or export documents in advance.

Yes, provided you apply for authority to remain in the country.

Covering letter to Director General of Immigration;

Certified copy of valid passport (bio data & last endorsement stamp for Zambia);

Certified copy of birth certificate of the applicant;

Certified copy of parents’ status;

One recent passport size photographs;

Adoption certificate (in case of adopted children)*;

Proof of enrolment at an educational institution (for students);

Alien Registration Card; and Prescribed fee.

Why Choose Us

15+ years’ experience

With 15 years of professional experience in the industry, we have built and continue to maintain an uncompromised standards in our services.

Countrywide locations

We are present at all borders in Zambia, making it easy for the clients to choose their most cost-effective entry point.

Quality and commitment

We guarantee professionalism and reliability of all Ciltax staff. This is achieved by equipping our offices and officers with modern technology.

Affordable rates

We offer competitive rates for all our services.

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